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RK Education and Visa Services Pty. Ltd. is a professional education consultancy specialized in study/career counseling, course placement and international student recruitment services.. Our goal is to support every learner, every learning professional, education institutes and recruitment organizations through our work.

Incorporated in 2019, RK Education and Visa Services has tried to dispel the myths associated with abroad studies and internships by simplifying the procedures through technology resourcing and knowledge consulting with institutions and agencies alike.

Our services

Expert Counseling

Our professional educational consultants guide learners to help them select universities, select classes, apply for applications, give letters, visa process and briefing before departure.

Student profiling

A career-long process in which learners create and keep a correct record of their learning experiences. Student profiling was depicted as an ideal method to enhance the capacity of the student to take responsibility for their own learning.

Standardized Tests

Special test module is intended to ensure coherent questions, circumstances, scoring and final interpretation.

University & Courses Selection

The first and foremost important choice a student makes is to choose the best college suitable for a person. We assist you discover a course that fits your capacity and interest.

Documentation Editing & Visa Application Review and Submission

Our consultancy offers services that assist the student in maintaining the correct general paperwork required while applying to university overseas. We also review the request for a visa and provide full support during submission.

Interview Preparation

Taking the time to prepare for an interview beforehand can help to increase your chances of advancement, preparing for an interview is the way to take time to evaluate the criticality that you might encounter during an interview, here we assist you to improve your interview abilities.

Internship Program

We provide an ideal chance for learners to create a sustainable career plan that will assist them and their employers both in the brief term and throughout their careers.

Career Counselling

Conducting both productive and fruitful seminars for the career of students and helping them to pursue a future they are passionate about. An opportunity to communicate with specialists from various areas and collect needed data.

Workshops & Trainings

Our Workshops & Training are specialized for students going abroad for higher education and post educational programs to prepare student for the real world scenario.

Procedure for Abroad Study

Do you have a dream of pursuing your desired degree abroad? Is your mind constantly wondering which university is best for your eagerness and skill set or are you confused in regards of what to do, how to pursue and where to go. Give yourself some rest and keep your worries aside, we’ll take care of your needs. Our counselors are here to solve your dilemma and provide you with comprehensive explanation of expenses, college details, lifestyle, visa process, etc. along with your personal evaluations. Our counselors will further aid you through the application sending process to the university of your choice, and we will conciliate the university’s Offer Letter process (conditions applied).

The turnaround time to receive an offer is proximately in between 1 and 6 weeks. In this time period, documents of economic nature must be prepared and checked by all the students. The tuition fee (excluding offers) for the first semester along with health insurance must be presented to the institute via telegraphic transfer in foreign currency. The TT confirmation with recognition of the offer and request for the Receipt of the Institute or proof of payment of the fee will be forwarded by us.


  • Transforming lives by offering the right education and career guidance for student.
  • Providing a hassle- free admission process to the university of students choice.
  • Represent partner institutions and recruiting agencies best interest to recruit quality prospects rather than purely sheer volume.
  • To serve the students locally and internationally and expand its services worldwide.


  • To develop as a one of the most trustable and ethical organization in the education consultancy sector.
  • To contribute to the development of the industry as a whole by coordinating and liaising services among other similar institutions.
  • Envisioned bright future of our country through our students who are able to make a difference in their fields after being educated abroad. “We can make change”.


  • TRUST: We operate to the highest level of ethical conduct. Hence, guardians and prospective students can consult us with confidence.
  • SERVICE: We operate with highest standard of Customer Service.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We take full responsibility for our actions.
  • SUPPORT: Students can expect support from us even after our primary services.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Ranjit Kayastha

Executive Director, RK Education & Visa Services

Student Testimonials

What people say?

Thank you for all the help and support from RK education and visa facilities through my Australian Student Visa processing. I would like to thank them for their friendly and helpful conduct. To accomplish my objective, I have the best advice.
Randhir Chaudhary
Murdoch University
Thank you for all the help and support from RK education and visa facilities through my Australian Student Visa processing. I would like to thank them for their friendly and helpful conduct. To accomplish my objective, I have the best advice.
Anisha Poudel Wagle
Australian Catholic University


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